Paradox 0.2.7 — index

Thank you for downloading the Paradox mod!



Install Instructions:

Unfortunately due to Blizzard's Classic Team (TM), they have made it tedious to get D2SE, a program to avoid version calamities, difficult to run depending on how you initially installed your game. Unfortunately the developer of D2SE has not been seen in a long time either, so the issue can't be directly remedied.

If you have installed Diablo 2 on any version before 1.14, and if you upgraded to any version, including 1.14 go to step 2.

If you have installed Diablo 2 on Blizzard's official installer, which should have 1.14, you unfortunately need to either uninstall Diablo, or make a duplicate folder, and reinstall following step 1.

  1. Follow the steps found in this link. You must have a legitimate online CD key, which can be found on your Blizzard Account.
    Alternatively if you still have your CDs and a functional DVD drive, that will work too. You can upgrade to any version still with no trouble after.
  2. Next, install D2SE Please note that if you're on Windows 10, the mod may not launch correctly unless you set D2SE to run as Admin & Windows XP SP3 compatibility.
  3. You should now have a MODS folder in your Diablo II folder. Place the Paradox folder inside the MODS folder. If you're having difficulty finding your Diablo II directory. It's usually found under Program Files (x86).
  4. Launch D2SE, scroll down until you see a banner that says Paradox. Be sure that PlugY is turned off, as it is not compatible with this mod. Pick your poison between DDraw, D3D (untested and fullscreen only), or Glide (I personally reccomend), then click Launch Plugin.