Paradox 0.2.7 — faq


Is Plugy Compatible with the mod?

Unfortunately no. However you do have a giant stash space, and tcp/ip still works.

Why are monsters in Blood Moor immune to so many things? I can't kill anything!

Did you notice the blue & gold emblem in your inventory? That will help you out.

The sound is bugging out and some aren't playing anymore. What's wrong?

Restart the game and report this to our forums or discord. Mention what were you doing, more specifically if theres a specific sound that played a lot until this bug occured for you.

Why am I crashing when I change resolutions?

A known issue, if you change it too much it causes a crash.

Why does the Necromancer and Sorceress only have changed skills?

The mod is currently in Alpha, we're working on completely finishing one class at a time. Each class will get their share of changes overtime, the focus right now is on the Sorceress.

I found an item that says MORPHED in red text. What does that mean?

It means you cannot use cube reagents, such as Orbs of Prophecy, to further upgrade an item. Some rings that you may find have this. If you wish to use an Orb of Prophecy on an item, use it on another item base.